October 2019

Programing Basics with C#

First Steps in Coding, Simple Operations And Calculations, Conditional Statements, Conditional Statements Advanced, While-Loop, For-Loop and Nested Loops

January 2020

C# Fundamentals

Basic Syntax, Conditional Statements and Loops, Basic HTML, Data Types and Variables, Basic CSS, Arrays, HTTP Basics, Methods, Problem Solving, Lists, Bitwise Operations, Objects and Classes, Associative Arrays, Intro to Computer Science, Text Processing, Database Basics, Regular Expressions, Git and GitHub

May 2020

C# Advanced

Stacks and Queues, Multidimensional Arrays, Sets and Dictionaries Advanced, Streams, Files and Directories, Functional Programming, Defining classes, Generics, Iterators and Comparators

June 2020


Inheritance, Encapsulation, Interfaces and Abstraction, Polymorphism, SOLID, Reflection and Attributes, Unit Testing , Mocking and Test Driven Development and Design Patterns

September 2020

JS Advanced

Syntax, Functions and Statements, Arrays, Objects & Classes, DOM, DOM Manipulations, Function Context, Advanced Functions, Object Composition and Prototypes and Inheritance

October 2020

JS Application

Unit Testing and Modules, REST Services and AJAX, Asynchronous Programming, Remote Databases, Templating, Routing, Workshop: Single Page Application, Design Patterns and Best Practices and Project Architecture

January 2021


Databases Introduction, CRUD, Table Relations, Built-in Functions, Subqueries and JOINs, Indices and Data Aggregation, Functions and Stored Procedures and Triggers and Transactions

February 2021

Entity framework Core

ADO.NET, ORM Fundamentals, Entity Framework Introduction, Entity Relations, LINQ, Advanced Querying, C# Auto Mapping Objects, JSON Processing, XML Processing, Best Practices And Architecture, Workshop and NoSQL(MongoDb)

March 2021

C# Masterclass

C# In Depth, C# Tips and Tricks, Reflection, Expression Trees and Multithreading Part

May 2021

C# Web Basics

Web Server - HTTP Protocol, Web Server - Asynchronous Processing, Web Server - State Management, MVC Introduction, MVC Advanced - View Engine and MVC Advanced - IoC and Data Binding

June 2021


ASP.NET Core Introduction, Razor Views, Application Flow, Filters & Middleware, Working with Data, Web API, Security & Identity, Project Architecture, Testing, Advanced Topics, SignalR, Blazor and Azure, Deployment & CI

November 2021

C# Web Developer

Diploma: C# Web Developer

December 2021

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Web Developer